Sat. May 6, 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Learn about responsible harvesting and safe preparation of fiddlehead ferns, making goat cheese, saving seeds, making your own pita bread, cannabis edibles, and acorn flour!
Visit the live baby animals; enjoy the music of the Franklin County Fiddlers and other local musicians. The local farmers market will kick off its season with spring greens and parsnips, as well as fiddleheads; other local vendors of food and crafts will have booths; non-profit educational exhibits will be on hand to inform and enlighten. You may even see stilt-walkers, belly dancers and/or antique tractors! There’s something for everyone at the Maine Fiddlehead Festival!

About Us

The first Maine Fiddlehead Festival was organized by a group composed of  UMF faculty, staff and students and several community members in response to shared concerns about the current and future status of our food supply.  After some debate and discussion about prioritizing issues, the group decided to approach the subject from a positive angle – to focus on solutions, not problems.

In fact, they further agreed, maybe we should even have fun!  How about a festival that highlights the benefits and potential of our local agriculture and rich foraging resources?  Since fiddlehead ferns are a traditional, local, seasonal delicacy – and what’s more, they sound like fun – why not call it the Maine Fiddlehead Festival?


UMF’s Sustainable Campus Coalition (SCC), which promotes environmental sustainability on campus and in the community, with help from local community members, has played a key role in the organization and execution of the Maine Fiddlehead Festival each year since its inception.

Interested in getting involved?

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This year, in addition to the UMF SCC, event supporters include UMF Partnership for Civic Advancement; Franklin Savings Bank; Bangor Savings Bank; University Credit Union (UCU); University of Maine Cooperative Extension; Love Grown Caregiver Services of Maine; the Homestead Kitchen, Bar and Bakery; Lillian Lake, Community Visionary; MyMarketing Designs LLC (Designed this website) and the Healthy Community Coalition, The Maine Farmland Trust.


Support Your Local Farmers

UMF Sustainability Coordinator, Luke Kellett offers,

“This event has been embraced by the campus-community and is attracting hundreds of people from all over the state. We can’t think of a better place than Farmington and the Sandy River Valley, to celebrate Maine’s agricultural heritage and passion for locally grown and foraged foods.”

Our Local Vendors

We invite our local community of farmers and vendors to take part in this great festival.



10:15   Saving Seeds for Next Year’s Garden                            
Even a beginner can successfully save vegetable seeds for next year’s garden. Learn techniques to save, collect and store seeds from your garden to save money and help preserve your favorite varieties.
Rosalie Deri is a University of Maine Cooperative Extension Master Gardener, an avid gardener and seed saver.

11:00   Bread from Acorns: Processing the Gift of the Oak
Acorns – the amazing, bountiful, ancient staple of humanity! But did you ever try eating a raw acorn? Ptewey! However, it just takes a little processing to transform acorns into a truly delicious staple that could have a major role in transforming your diet and culture. Learn about making bread from acorn flour in this dynamic class. Chris Knapp is an educator, craftsman and homesteader. In 2008, Chris and his wife Ashirah founded Koviashuvik Local Living School in Temple, Maine, where they work with Schools, families and individuals teaching folk arts and modern-day living.

11:45   Introduction to Cooking with Cannabis
Topics covered in this class include legality of cannabis in Maine, sourcing clean cannabis, cannabinoids and terpenes overview, endocannabinoid system overview, infusions versus extractions, safety, testing, dosing and strain selection and recipes. Erica Haywood is the co-owner of LoveGrown Caregiver Services and is a Maine Marijuana Program Caregiver.

12:30 Fiddlehead Talk, Fiddlehead I.D. Walk
Learn about the lore and science of ostrich fern fiddleheads, including safe handling and cooking guidelines. We’ll then walk to a nearby spot (less than1/4 mile away) to talk about identification and sustainable harvest. Total session time will last about 1.5 hour. Wear your hiking boots! Dave Fuller is an agriculture and non-timber forest products professional with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension.

1:15     Homemade Pita Bread    
Learn how to make a simple yeast dough and turn it into yummy pita bread. This will be a hands-on presentation including making, baking, and tasting fresh pita. Denisa Cundick is the owner/baker at Breadweavers, featuring breads from her home country of Slovakia.

2:00 Urban Foraging and Harvesting
Along with the growth of environmentalism since the 1970s, there has been a resurgence of interest in foraging: the dominant manner in which humans worldwide have obtained food since our evolution and before. With over half the world’s population now living in cities, homesteading is not an option available to all, and navigating tree lawns, parks, meadows, and roadsides as an urban forager is becoming increasingly more relevant. Zack de la Rouda of Rewild Maine leads a discussion of the various benefits, hazards and barriers in store for the urban forager in the modern world.


10:00-10:05: Opening Remarks
10:15-10:45 Erica Haywood
10:55-11:25 Lindsey Mower
11:35-12:05 Merry Plinksters
12:15-12:45 Franklin County Fiddlers
12:55-1:25 Usual Suspects
1:35-2:05 Jonboy Nemo
2:15-2:45 Nuclear Salad
2:55-3:00 Closing Remarks

The Theme

This year’s theme for the Fiddlehead Festival is “Seeds and Breeds:  Promoting and Preserving Food Diversity.”  It will highlight seed-saving and other attempts to preserve heirloom varieties and  heritage breeds that are critical to a diverse and sustainable food future.

Luke Kellett ~UMF Sustainability Coordinator
Tel: 207-778-7096
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