Maine Fiddlehead Festival

Welcome to one of the world’s biggest organic fresh food festival. Spent time exploring the greatest traditional organic recipes.

Aid Food Service

Enjoy eating organic recipes with the right spice and taste in one of our festival stalls.

Engage More Growers

Our festival brings the growers together to research on their foods to come up with betters ideas together.

Provides Strong Support

We are a strong community of organic food producers who have come together to share our knowledge with all.

Local Food Day Arrangements

Enjoy the three day festival with local dishes served for everyone in a buffet-style party.

The Fiddlehead Market

Local Vendors

Buy directly from the farmers without the need of connecting with middlemen.

Cooking Demonstration

Learn to make your own organic food recipes with the best ingredients available to us.

Farmers Market

Buy the best ingredients, spices, and organic vegetables at our market from farmers.

Recent Updates

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