2019 Fiddlehead Festival Tent Talks – Saturday, May 4, 2019


10:30 – Sourdough Bread and Kombucha Tea – Kate Wallace & Casey Brackett –

Experience the effects of fermentation in the transformation of regular bread dough and regular tea into delicious new creations, sourdough and kombucha.  The demonstrations of making these two popular items will involve samples, as well as a free skoby for a few lucky participants. Kate Wallace is the  Programming Director for Portland’s Resilience Hub, a permaculture promotion non-profit organization, and Casey Brackett is a Permaculture Design Consultant of Industry, Maine.


11:15 – The History and Science Behind Good Fermentation – Justin Amaral –

Learn about the role fermentation has played in the food of human cultures throughout the history of humanity, and the science behind why it has been universally embraced for purposes of food preservation and nutritional enhancement. Hear about how yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchee, hard cheese, salami, beer, vinegar, wine, soy sauce and countless other products rely on fermentation.  Justin Amaral runs and co-owns Mainiacal Yeast Labs, where he focuses on all things wild – and where his passion for science and microbiology has led him deep down the rabbit hole of fermentation.


12:15 – Fun With Making Aged Goat Cheese – Faith and Jonesy Jones –

Explore the role of fermentation in transforming goat milk to aged “hard” cheese through this demonstration talk.  Upon starting their goat farm in 2015, the Joneses soon discovered that making fresh goat cheese was just too easy.  They sold their small goat herd and bought Alpines and Saanens, increasing their milk supply and enabling them to start producing aged goat cheese, which they have been selling since 2018, along with eggs, raw goat milk, chèvre, and yogurt, from Dreamin’ Fahm in East Wilton.


1:00 –  Fiddlehead Fern Talk and Walk – Dave Fuller –

Join the annual workshop that will teach you what you need to know to locate, identify, sustainably harvest, and safely prepare fiddleheads.  Dave Fuller, non-timber forest products specialist for UMaine Cooperative Extension, will give an illustrated talk and then lead a walk to a secret nearby fiddlehead location.  Sensible shoes are advised.


1:30 –  Koji – The Culinary Fungus of Japan – Nicholas Repenning –

Learn about the central role of koji, a filamentous fungus used in making all the classic Japanese fermented preparations, from soy sauce to sake, miso, rice vinegar, and many more.  Could this be the secret of Japanese longevity? Having met on a 2011 volunteer organic farming trip in rural Japan, Nicholas and Mika Repenning settled in Whitefield, Maine in 2015 and founded go-en fermented foods company.  There they work to unlock the mysteries of the invisible world of microorganisms, employing them to spread health and happiness through delicious foods.


2:15 –  Fearless Fermentation: Sauerkraut & Yogurt Made Simple – Chris Knapp-

This is a hands on class for those who learn by doing.  Come gain confidence in the simplicity of fermenting. We will leave the hard work to the microbes!.  Chris and Ashirah Knapp have been operating Koviashuvik Local Living School in Temple, Maine since 2008, sharing traditional crafts and sustainable living skills with school groups, families, and adults.



2019 Fiddlehead Festival Music Line-Up


Music at the Fiddlehead Festival this year will be in the hillside amphitheater by Roberts Learning Center and the Student Center, off High Street.  


10-10:10 – Opening Remarks

10:15-10:45 –  Food Stamp Kidz

10:50-11:20 – Sagittarius Rising

11:25-11:55 – Merry Plinksters

12:00-12:30 – Franklin County Fiddlers

12:35-1:05 – Invite the Wild

1:10-1:40 – Nuclear Salad

1:45-2:15 – Jonboy Nemo

2:20- 3:00 – Crooked Bill


The Maine Fiddlehead Festival is free and full of activities for all ages.  Live baby farm animals, food and craft vendors, first outdoor farmers’ market of the season, music, demonstration talks, and more.

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